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Emerald Textiles’ Services

The Emerald Textiles team has extensive experience working with customers to analyze and monitor overall linen satisfaction and usage. A close working relationship provides accurate and precise inventory and service, resulting in efficiency and cost savings. The Emerald Process works throughout your organization to streamline operations in every department touched by Emerald Textiles.

Account Management – Your Virtual Employee

We provide an experienced Account Executive who oversees the linen management process. This “Virtual Employee” will work hand-in-hand with you to provide the best overall service and cost management systems in the industry.

Linen Cost Management

At Emerald, we believe a systematic, balanced linen management program is critical. Because we manage all aspects of the program we help our customers achieve cost control while providing them great customer service. We have the experience and the process to create an effective management system, and that helps you achieve cost savings and greater efficiencies.

Staff apparel and uniforms

A full complement of departmental uniforms and apparel designed to improve employee satisfaction and the image of your operation is available to you as an Emerald customer.

Customized Pack Program

We offer a customized pack program that addresses your needs. By working with you to design birth packs and surgery packs geared to your business, we can build efficiencies and help you streamline your operations.

Linen Distribution/Cart Exchange Programs

Emerald Textiles will design specific Linen Distribution and Cart Exchange programs tailored to meet your specific needs. Emerald will work with you to identify your needs and design the program that achieves the best results for your organization.

Product Fairs

We partner with our customers to identify the specific items and systems needed with the goal of improving the experience for the end user. By conducting product fairs before implementation, we get feedback from our customers within the healthcare system to help us choose the best products for optimizing quality and reducing costs.

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