The Emerald Team

  • Tom Gildred
    Tom Gildred, CEO and co-founder of Emerald Textiles, has a passion for making a difference in the businesses and organizations in our region. A San Diego entrepreneur with a history of giving back; Tom built a successful software products and services company where he still serves as Chairman of the Board. He is on the Board of Directors for the Gildred Companies and serves on the board of multiple organizations in our region impacting arts, healthcare and civic issues.

  • Brook Logan
    Emerald Textiles’ Controller is Brook Logan who comes to us with extensive experience in accounting in large corporate environments. Formerly with Ernst & Young and Eli Lilly and Company she has held several key accounting, management and consulting roles and is a Certified Public Accountant (CA).

  • Dan Leavy
    Dan Leavy, Director of Customer Service, has over 30 years of experience in the industry, across the U.S. Dan served as General Manager of one of the major commercial laundry services providers in Denver and Phoenix where he led the team to turn around struggling laundry facilities. Dan most recently served as market vice president over San Diego and Phoenix where he was instrumental in achieving high customer satisfaction and retention scores.

  • Victor Heredia
    Operations Manager Victor Heredia has worked for over 30 years in the laundry industry. He has held the position of Director of Operations for the last 15 years and prior to that he served as production manager for over 20 years. Victor has managed more than 15 different processing facilities over his career.

  • Jaye Park
    Jaye Park, Business Development, has nearly 40 years of experience with one of the major commercial laundry services providers, primarily focused here in Southern California. Throughout his career, he served in many roles across the organization and brings that breadth and depth of experience to Emerald Textiles.

The Facility Built by Tom Gildred and the Emerald Team

Here is a video produced by Ernst & Young as part of The Entrepreneur of The Year™ awards that describes Tom Gildred’s journey and Emerald’s high tech facility in Southern California.