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Emerald Textiles Healthcare Linen Services


Provide the highest quality care in the processing of our linen and laundry through the highest healthcare certified standards. Train and learn a variety of skills throughout our exceptional quality control process. Learn and adapt within a variety of positions from high-tech automation of machinery to folding and packaging, to sorting, where each stage of careful processing is critical to the overall customer experience.

Emerald Textiles Administrator


Be instrumental in supporting Emerald Textiles through the hiring of amazing new talent and supporting business operations, ensuring a team player role as the face of Emerald. Perform a variety of duties related to general business operations, accounting, employee relations, and customer order processing.

Emerald Textiles Livingston


Provide the highest level of customer satisfaction through product, production and team management. Ensure the highest quality efficiencies, safety and team training. Learn, adapt and perform a variety of business processing and delivery operations through customer and supplier support.

Account Managers

Ensuring customer satisfaction is at the core of what we do. Provide laser sharp focus in linen management, tailored to the goals of each customer. Conduct trusted relationship building with onsite visits, usage of cost management tools, inventory monitoring and usage, and linen education to best meet our customers’ patient and guest needs with the overall best quality and satisfaction.

Emerald Textiles Livingston

Route Service Representatives

Provide consistent on-time delivery with our 24/7, 7 days a week delivery schedules. Learn delivery routes, customer orders, inventory levels, and the stocking of our linen products. Our friendly and reliable drivers are the face of Emerald Textiles, consistently delivering complete and on-time orders that our customers count on.

Emerald Textiles Engineering

Engineering / Maintenance

Provide a safe, efficient, environmentally responsible operating facility that meets all regulatory requirements. Perform a range of duties ranging from new equipment installs, maintenance, cleaning, safety checks, and working with suppliers. Work with our teams on the latest technology, equipment and infrastructure efficiencies.