Emerald Textiles’ Services

Emerald Textiles’ experienced team works with customers to analyze current usage and satisfaction levels and build a program customized by needs.  A close working relationship provides precise inventory and attentive service, resulting in efficiency and cost savings. The Emerald Textiles process works to streamline operations in every department touched by Emerald Textiles.

Account Management

We provide an experienced Account Manager who oversees the linen management process for customers. This team member works hand-in-hand with your team to provide the best overall service and cost management systems available.

Linen Cost Management

At Emerald Textiles, we believe a systematic, balanced linen management program is critical. Because we manage all aspects of the program, we help customers achieve cost control while providing them great customer service. We have the experience and the process to create an effective management system that results in overall total cost savings and greater efficiencies. We use a variety of proven and effective systems including detailed reporting via advanced linen management software and inventory monitoring.

Staff Apparel and Uniforms

Emerald Textiles provides a full set of departmental uniforms and apparel designed to improve employee satisfaction and the image of an organization. Our uniform and staff apparel services are tailed to fit each team’s unique brand and image.

Customized Pack Program

We offer a customized pack program so customers can select high-quality service items that best address their needs. Together we work with teams to design birth and surgery packs that create efficiencies and streamline operations.

Full-Service Linen Distribution and Cart Exchange Programs

Emerald Textiles will design specific Linen Distribution and Cart Exchange programs tailored to meet specific needs. Emerald Textiles works with customers to identify opportunities and design programs that achieve the best results.

Product Fairs

We partner with our customers to identify the specific items and systems needed to improve the experience for the end user. By conducting product fairs before implementation, we get feedback from our customers within the healthcare system to help us choose the best products for optimizing quality and reducing costs.

Linen Awareness Days

We work with customers to provide ongoing education and training related to linen use. Through our Linen Awareness Days and floor tours, we help ensure that teams are up to date regarding the latest protocols and are aware of the cost associated with linen use.

Linen Reclamation Program

Emerald Textiles has designed a unique program with a designated program manager to reclaim linen that is missing through patient transfers and various other mishaps. Through this program, we are reducing replacement costs for our customers which ultimately impacts their bottom line.