Healthcare Linen and Laundry Services – Clean Matters

At Emerald Textiles, we strive to create a company of excellence that our partner’s trust. We are the premier leader in healthcare textile services delivering the highest level of quality and service to our customers and their patients. Emerald Textiles is also the largest commercial linen service in the Western United States. Focused on hospital laundry and linen service sector, we employ the latest technology, an experienced workforce, and best practices to consistently exceed customer expectations, and exceed industry standards.

At Emerald Textiles, Clean Matters, and we comply fully with Federal, State and local regulatory agencies including TJC (The Joint Commission), Title 22 and OSHA. All of our processing and cleanliness standards meet or exceed industry standards in every area. Emerald is Hygienically Clean through the Healthcare certification renewals as our commitment to cleanliness, resource saving, and best management practices. Emerald Textiles’ facilities and industry-leading operating systems feature high efficiency designs that reduce water and power consumption, sewer disposal, and linen wear.

Built to be the environmentally responsible choice in healthcare linen services, Emerald Textiles facilities are designed to protect our natural resources. When the San Diego facility was first built, San Diego saved approximately 120,000,000 gallons of water and over 1,000,000 therms of natural gas annually. The San Diego facility also received the Savings by Design award and recognition from the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) and San Diego Gas & Electric as well as the local water authority.

Our Healthcare Linen Guarantee

The majority of Emerald Textiles’ customers are part of our extensive linen rental pool which allows us to own the linen and offer the advantage of economies of scale as well as having a team to manage linen replacements. As part of our service, we manage the daily systematic collection of soiled linen, laundry processing and replacement of unserviceable items as well as linen deliveries for hospitals. Emerald Textiles offers a number of value added services like full linen distribution, cart exchange, surgery packs and an industry leading online Lost and Found program which has resulted in the return of medical equipment and priceless patient property well in excess of a million dollars since inception.

With more than 30 years of experience in the industry and a best-in-class team focused on exceptional service, we deliver complete and on time to ensure quality and consistency in your hospitals. Until now, the Western U.S. has had aging and limited healthcare linen processing facilities. Today, Emerald Textiles’ customers enjoy superior cleanliness, service and significant savings in overall total cost of ownership.