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The Emerald Difference

Cleanliness and compliance is our priority. We have the best facility, products and the finest team to serve our customers. Because of our experience, we offer the best customer....READ MORE

Our Focus

Emerald Textiles is the new choice for commercial healthcare linen services in California. We are the first, in 30 years, to invest in a new facility with the most advanced technology available to serve our...READ MORE

Emerald in Los Angeles County

Emerald Textiles has expanded into the Los Angeles and Orange County areas. We have opened the doors at our new service center located at 1810 Iowa Avenue in Riverside, California...READ MORE

Emerald Textiles is the new choice for commercial health care linen services in California.

Emerald was formed because of the need for higher cleanliness, better service and a quality alternative. To answer this call, we built an advanced, high-tech commercial health care laundry facility that provides the highest levels of cleanliness and Title 22 compliance and will, at full capacity, conserve an estimated 40 million gallons of water annually for the region.

We have the technology, capacity and experience to enable the implementation of a just-in-time cart exchange delivery service to hospitals as well as many other value added services.

Locally owned and operated Emerald Textiles, the new choice in commercial health care linen services, will create jobs, benefit the economy and support our community. We are dedicated for the long term and that means ongoing investment in our facility, products, community and team.

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Falsified Checks Being Sent in Emerald’s Name

You may be searching our site because you received a letter and check in the mail from a source claiming to be Emerald Textiles. We appreciate savvy consumers like you who recognize potential fraudulent activity. 

As you may have suspected, this letter and check did not come from Emerald Textiles, but instead is an attempt to scam consumers. Emerald Textiles is a healthcare linen and laundry services provider, and as such would not provide checks to the public in exchange for them purchasing products or other services.

While these materials did not come from us, we would like to apologize for your inconvenience. We have filed a report with the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) in an attempt to stop this scam. We encourage you to file a report with the FBI as well at

Thank you again for researching this fraudulent theft attempt. If you have any questions, please contact us at or call 1-619-330-7077.

You can read more about common consumer scams on the Federal Trade Commission’s (FTC) website.

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